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We can always use help in raising funds for our cause.  Would you like to help ? 

Maybe you can help us distribute and collect our donation jars, hand out flyers to one

of our events or perhaps you have an idea on other ways to raise funds.

Items that we have available for purchase to help us in our mission....

T-shirts : with the famous DCY I was here with a peace sign

on the front, with Tears From Daniel Logo.

On the back it has "You Matter" and the 1-800-273-Talk suicide hotline.

Wristbands and  keyrings : all which have Tears From Daniel and National suicide Hotline

Buttons: with 3Different designs to choose from 

All proceeds will help us to continue in our mission


We will have others items such as Car window decals, sunglasses, lanyards, sweatshirts.


Keep checking back with us. We are working on these items and will hopefully have them


Please reach out to us and support us so that we can continue our mission!


If You are a Like minded organization and have a service or an event you would like us to help promote please contact us and we will put you on our website and promote you on Tears From Daniel Facebook page



Do you feel passionate about helping others in need? 

Your voice is a powerful instrument.... by using can help us spread the word

about our mission!  Share your stories, help others,

talk to people openly about suicide and the affects it has on those left behind.


We welcome any and all ideas.  Fresh minds are valuable to us!  Please reach out and

share your ideas on ways to help our cause!  We look forward to hearing from you.  this goes directly to loris personal email - send us a private message

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