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  • Lori 

               Lori started "Tears From Daniel" after her son Daniel took his life on August 9, 2018 He was 22                   years old. Her goal is to open a non-profit center that will have trained mentors to help those                       affected by a lost loved one to suicide, to have grief support groups and one on one mentoring.                   To mentor others struggling that just need to talk and guide them to proper help if needed. We                     will continue to educate others in suicide awareness and prevention. We would continue to do                     speaking events and go to state levels with law makers to address where the system is lacking for                 proper change. 

Lori went to college in Houston Texas and became a Medical Assistant in 1986. She worked for an OBGYN After the birth of her first child she soon realized her mission in life was to be a devoted stay at home mom.  She had 3 children, Shawna, Andrea, and her youngest son Daniel, she homeschooled all three children.

When Daniel was 7 yrs of age, she started working as a Merchandiser for a Nursery Company.  She maintained 3 Home Depot Stores garden sections, with trees, shrubs and perennial flowers. On the 3rd year Lori got injured on the job. She had two surgeries and a year of physical therapy but was unable to recover from the injuries. Her life now is about trying to stop the epidemic of suicide so that others won’t have to go through what she feels every day, the pain and heartache from losing her son to suicide. 


  • Kaycie 

Kaycie knew Daniel's girlfriend's family and contacted Lori and offered to put together a fundraiser to help with Daniel's memorial expenses. Kaycie is a business owner in downtown Cadillac and is very active in her community. She is determined to help in the aide of stopping the epidemic of suicide. She is dedicated to promote mental health advocacy in educating others in suicide prevention and awareness. She also helps out by speaking at our events.

  • Mercedes

My name is Sadie; I am currently on the board for Tears for Daniel. I am in my mid-20s currently. I have suffered from mental illnesses since I was a child. My motivation for being a part of this non-profit is that I’ve lost a lot of my friends from suicide over the past few years. My quote that I have lived by since they've been gone is "If I have to live without you, I will live for you". I've put everything I can into this group to help people realize they are meant to be here and help them find their reason. I am very excited to see how far we can go with this non-profit as well as all the help from not only our other members, but the communities around us as we work to stop the stigma.  


  • Walter

My Journey to Tears is different from the rest.  I never met Daniel, and only learned about Tears from Daniel in mid 2019 while talking to a friend of mine.  She was visiting with me in Wyoming, MI, where I live, and she told me about how she had agreed to be interviewed by a local woman in Cadillac, to talk about her own attempts with suicide in the past. The more she told me, the more I got drawn in, wanting to learn more about the organization.
Shortly after, she told me she had agreed to participate in a Bachelor / Bachelorette auction fundraiser they were holding later that year, one of their first major fundraisers towards their goal to open a Mental Health Center in the area.  As an aspiring photographer, I offered to take some photos of my friend, and another friend that were participating in the auction. That offer soon transformed from taking pictures to be used to promote the auction, to actually covering and documenting the event itself. Meeting with Lori the next day, reviewing the pictures from the event, she alluded to me joining the organization.  I thought she was joking at the time, as I lived 100 miles away, but I had yet to fully realize the persuasive powers of Lori on a mission.
Taking on the website duties in 2020, a task I could do from afar, a new crisis put a halt on all organizational plans that year. Now, as we slowly try to get things on track in these uncertain times, I find myself not only handling the IT duties, but also taking on the CFO role as well. One thing Covid & 2020 did teach us all, it that even if you cannot be there in person, there IS a way you can contribute, even if it is remotely.
So now, even though I am 100 miles away, I find myself not only juggling my full time job, parenthood to 2 teenagers, and a fledgling photography side career, but also remotely assisting in the behind the scenes planning & organizing of ideas and events to help bring our goal to become a reality. All because I met this unstoppable force named Lori.


  • Katrina

Hi, I’m Katrina Davis or better known as Kat! I'm a 2013 graduate from McBain Rural Agricultural Schools and am a resident of the Lake City area. I married my high-school sweetheart John, and am a mother to 3 beautiful little girls Anastasia, Brantley and Astrid.

Suicide has had a huge impact in different times of my life so I'm excited to be able to be a part of Tears From Daniel and help those who are struggling with mental health in any way I can. I look forward to making a difference one day at a time and helping end the stigma.

  • Brandon 
    Brandon, like many in Daniel's circle of friends, struggles with mental illness. Diagnosed Bi-Polar, he periodically feels extreme highs during seemingly random manic episodes enforcing the feeling he is invincible, and then contrasted with depressive lulls making even consciousness feel illogical, pointless even. Brandon met Danny Boy at a party; naturally he was drunk singing sadly on the steps alone. Fortunately, Danny chose to share his kindness wherever he could and had a supernatural sense for those who truly needed it at any given point. Danny just waltzed up, sat down and hugged Brandon; didn’t matter this was their first encounter, and sang with him. Keeping contact with anyone he did not see everyday proved to be difficult for Brandon with all the constant changes from Manic to Depressive, but he attempted more than most to keep up with Danny Boy and continue the relationship. Unfortunately, they never did become as close as he would have preferred. Moving away, Brandon lost touch with a number of people when he lived across the country in both the Florida Keys and way up in Alaska, and Danny Boy was also lost in the background of travels and attempting to survive during depressive episodes creeping through, striking silently but suddenly. Fortunately, in a moment of bittersweet, Danny Boy somehow gifted Brandon one last big hug, big laugh, and big smile. Just two days before he lost his friend in a way no one should feel the need to do, Brandon was visiting home and crossing in front of the bar, Danny was outside smoking and laughing with friends. Cherishing the brief moment they shared outside the bar still to this day. Dearly missing his friend every day, wishing he could have been closer in both distance and in heart with the kind soul of Danny. This is where Lori comes into the story. Forcing himself to mingle with everyone else as he watches his friends die around him, Brandon drank a lot during this time and would often write poetry and short stories while depressive and intoxicated. He reached out to Lori just to talk about Danny Boy, attempt to check on her, and vent about feelings and memories of the past. Often, he would send Lori the poems and stories he had written; always riddled with audacious vocabulary and bold statements showcasing specific views on the world and his own internal struggles in the process. Brandon and Lori maintain a relationship very fondly still, and with his drinking at a minimum he is able to process better his emotions and is now the new writer of the Newsletters for the Tears For Daniel organization.