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Travels For Daniel, And So It Begins.

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

One dream realized, and with it a new journey to spread the word is launched. On August 9th, 2021 Lori officially started her “Travels for Daniel”. Follow along on our YouTube Channel, Travels For Daniel as she travels the country in Daniel’s restored van, fulfilling his dream to travel the country in it. As she tours our nation, she will be taking whatever opportunities that arise to spread the word of the ever growing Epidemic that is Suicide that our country faces. Be it an opportunity to address a large gathering, or simply chat with a family around a campfire after supper, this one woman dynamo will take her message on the road and share it with all that will listen. As recent events have forced so many to live more and more isolated lives, anxiety, depression, self harm and suicide are on the rise in staggering numbers. This growing problem NEEDS to be brought into the light. It NEEDS to be discussed, it NEEDS to be addressed and it NEEDS to be solved. Mental Health can no longer be a taboo subject, but must be discussed openly, acceptingly and normally. Why is it acceptable to discuss a broken bone, a cancer diagnosis, a medical condition, but not a mental condition? Mental Health is Medical Health, yet we only want to discuss the physical symptoms, not the underlying root causes. Physical Therapy is acceptable, but Mental Therapy is a taboo subject. WHY? If a person needs help, they need help. Be it physical or mental help. Join the conversation, Join the cause. And make a difference, ONE live at a time. If you are interested in helping us fight this fight, please contact us either though the website, or our Facebook Page Tears From Daniel.

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