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Just $.22 per Day. Can you spare Twenty Two Cents per Day?

The Holidays are over, the mess has (hopefully) been cleared away, and now we turn our attention to the upcoming year. January is a good time to study your finances, see what you spent last year, how you spent it, and adjust your budget to better suit your goals for the coming year. Which subscriptions are worth keeping, and which are costing you money as they are seldom, if ever used. Maybe it’s time to cut the cord on cable, and subscribe to a streaming service or 2 (or 6) in its place. Or maybe it’s time to buy your own coffee maker and scale back on those Grande double whipped, soy Pumpkin spiced whatevers. Pack a lunch a couple of days instead of fast food everyday (your wallet and your waistline may thank you). Gym membership, ______ of the Month club, “free trials” you forgot to cancel, most of us have something in our budgets we can trim to make room for others items we would like to add. While you are going over that 2022 budget, ask yourself this question? “Can I free up $.22 each day to donate to Tears From Daniel?” Now, you may ask, why $.22? Well it’s 2022, so we are asking for $.22 (guess what we’ll be asking for next year. LOL) $.22 may not sound like much, and it’s not. But added up over the course of 365 days, that $.22 per day becomes a donation of $80.30 for the year. So we are looking for (At Least) 20 People (Individuals, Couples, Businesses, Organizations, etc) to pledge to donate those $.22 per day. You can use our Donor Box link to make a onetime donation for $80.30, or chose to set up a recurring Donation of $6.70 per month or a recurring Quarterly donation of $20.08. Whichever way fits into your budget the best.

2021 (& 2020 before it) was not kind to us in many ways. Gathering restrictions, health concerns, and job concerns greatly curtailed all of our daily lives and put a decided crimp into our charitable activities. Speaking engagements to raise awareness, participation in public events and festivals, and fundraising efforts were all but eliminated. While at the same time, uncertainty, stress, and anxiety soared to new levels, highlighting the dire need for the services we are striving to bring to the Northern Michigan area. But the events of the past two years have also taught us many things. Out of the restrictions came innovation. More and more previously traditional face to face activities adapted to electronic, on-line, & digital methods to keep operations running. And so we too need to adapt our methods. While we hope to soon be able to return to traditional fund raising methods such as our collection canisters in local stores, speaking engagements with merchandise sales, and appearances at local festivals and Holiday celebrations, we too must adapt to more “Remote” methods of fundraising. We have teamed up with Donor Box to accept online Donations. You can choose between making a onetime donation, or set up a reoccurring Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual donation.

We have set up an online store through Bonfire where you can order Tears From Daniel or Travels from Daniel merchandise, shipped to your home. And we are exploring a few other exciting fundraising projects and ideas we will be revealing later in the year. (Teaser Alert) As Suicide rates continue to climb, the need to address the mental health of our community is more important than ever. With your help, we can move closer to our goal of bring the resources that are so critically needed to the area. So many are fighting the fight alone, not knowing where to turn. Too many have lost the fight already. To those currently fighting, You Are Not Alone. Reach out to us. While we do not currently have our own resources to bring to bear, we can refer you to resources you may not know are available. If you are not able to make a monetary donation, there are still ways you can help out. 1) Considering donating unneeded household items to Absolutely Fabulous Resale & Gifts in Tears From Daniels name, and proceeds from the sale of those items will be donated to our organization. 2) Contact us about Volunteer opportunities. Once we are able to return to more traditional activities, we will need a dedicated core of volunteers to assist us in holding events. 3) If you are a business owner, and would like to be considered as a collection canister site, please contact us. And 4) If you have services you can donate to those in need, PLEASE reach out to us. With your help, we can make a difference, one life at a time. Find all our links at

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