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Join Tears From Daniel at the 2021 Caddy Pride – Pride in the Park Event on Saturday August 28, 2021

Tears From Daniel will have a booth set up by the Cadillac Rotary Pavilion on Saturday August 28, 2021 as part of the Pride in the Park Event sponsored by Caddy Pride, Inc. Suicide is a growing problem in our Community, and every other Community across the Globe, and we are proud to team with Caddy Pride to bring our message of Suicide Awareness, Prevention, and Mental Health Awareness to not only the LBGTQIA+ Community, but to the Community as a whole as all come together for this event. We will have informational pamphlets available at our booth, along with shirts and other merchandise available for purchase to help raise funds for the Mental Health Center we are striving to bring to the area. We will also be speaking at the event (Time TBD) to address the growing Suicide Crisis facing our Nation. If you would like to Volunteer to help out with this, or future events, please message us through our Facebook Page Tears from Daniel or email us at

Here are examples of the Shirt and Bag design we will have available at the event to raise funds to make our Goal of a Mental Health Clinic for the Area a Reality.

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