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    Lori's Story


“I was a stay at home mom, homeschooled all 3 of my children and I devoted my entire life to my kids. Daniel was my youngest, he was 22 years young. Our family is very close, loving and supportive. He was loved by many and touched many people’s lives. All he wanted in life was to be successful never did I imagine that he would take his life.

On august 8th 2018 he posted on Facebook saying he was sorry and that he couldn’t say goodbye to his family because he knew we would talk him out of it. He shot himself and died soon after midnight on august 9th. I’m sure he thought this was a solution to end all his pain, but little did he know he passed all that pain on to everyone that loved him. No one would be the same again, it changed everyone’s life.

As his mother I feel I died with him. I don’t recognize the person that I was before his suicide. I miss him every second of everyday. Every day I live with the pain, sorrow and guilt, because as a mom it’s my job to protect and take care of my children at any age.


I wouldn’t wish this pain and sadness on anyone, it’s unbearable. I would have done anything to help him. I’ll never get another birthday, holiday or his surprise visits again. I’ll never be able to hold him in my arms and tell him how proud of him I am and how much I love him, and to tell him there is always hope. He had an entire future ahead of him and now…….it’s all gone”

Daniel thought he ended his pain but all he did is pass it on to his loved ones.

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    Shawna Story

"A little over 6 months ago my little brother of 22 years old took his own life. He went behind the apartment he used to live at, sat down, put his music on, posted a note on Facebook and then shot him self in the side of the head. He was supposed to go to a friends house that night. I had seen him just over a week before that and had told him I’d always be there for him no matter what. That I loved him. He didn’t want us to worry about him. He knew we loved him but didn’t want to tell us because he knew we would be worried sick about him. But that is what family is for! To be there! To help you! So please, never think that no one wants to listen to you. Reach out to someone. Taking your life doesn’t end the pain. It gives it to the people who love you. My brother loved his family. He loved his friends who were family. He was so loving and caring. He didn’t use drugs and drank just like any 22 year old would. He took care of himself and worked hard. His life wasn’t perfect but it was good. But he was still suffering. He took everyone’s problems and tried to help them the best he could. I’m so proud of the man he was and even though I’m still upset that he choose to end his life instead of letting us help him, I’m not mad at him. I understand how he felt. Iv been there. A few years ago I tried to take my own life. But a friend found out and talked me out of it. I’m thankful every day for that. I know now that is not the answer. Life can’t get better if you stop trying. I felt like this needed to be said so I hope this helps someone today."

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