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The mission of Tears From Daniel is to educate, help end the stigma and promote better mental health so that the epidemic of suicide will no longer exist.



We will achieve this mission by speaking at events of all kinds, partnering with like minded organizations and advocating at the local and state level.


Tears From Daniel is a group that was formed with people that all have one thing in common....suicide.  It has effected each of us in the group on a personal level.  We have all lost loved ones to suicide and we are now like family.  We are here to spread the word and try to help others by raising awareness.  There is a stigma attached to suicide and we would like to see that change.  Suicide is a reality and growing at an alarming rate.  Let's all work together to try to help those in need by sharing our stories and raising awareness.  Like they say, 'It takes a village' and we are an ever growing village with over 700,000 views to our Facebook page


Lori is working on starting a non profit Tears From Daniel center that will have trained mentors that have been affected by suicide. The goal would be to have grief support groups and one on one mentoring. And to guide anyone struggling to get the proper help. We would continue to go to State levels to try to get change where the system is lacking. We will continue to do speaking events to educate others in suicide awareness and prevention.

To give classes to educate others to know the signs and symptoms of suicidal thoughts and to be able to guide them to the proper help.

Suicide has no boundaries and can affect anyone.

Lori will be a voice for her son and all the other beautiful souls lost to Suicide. If we all raise our voice and work together on the real issues of suicide, we can make a difference! But sadly people forget, they loose focus on the importance of mental health and it fades away until another suicide hits close to home.

Suicide awareness is the month of September. Lori's mission is to keep Suicide awareness, prevention, and mental health issues to be heard daily. To Keep reminding people that this epidemic will not go away unless others take action and get involved.

Our brain is as important as our heart!

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